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    About BoG

    BoG / About BoG

    About us

    BoG, which stands for Back On Green, was founded on 3rd April 2019 with the purpose of promoting and actively supporting behavioural change, encouraging the protection of the environment, and improving the quality of life of communities, thus contributing to a more sustainable world.

    We are an international consulting firm working in the environmental sector that offers integrated solutions in the areas of engineering, technology, management, and strategic consulting to a wide range of public and private institutions in the Portuguese domestic market, as well as in several other international markets, such in Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and São Tomé and Príncipe, to name a few.

    We have built a dynamic team that has over 20 years of experience in implementing projects in our areas of expertise in a variety of different scenarios and settings. This team embodies a perfect blend of technical expertise, experience, and the drive to do more and better, while constantly striving to exceed expectations by providing the most effective solutions in an ever more challenging world. Our clients are what really matter to us, which is why all solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each client.

    Our headquarters are in Portugal, but the heart of our company is divided across several different places around the world, where we are always looking to come back and work.

    Thinking about the future, we innovate in the present!

    Our Approach

    • 1. Diagnostics Meeting

      First interaction with the Client after initial contact so that the parties can meet and get
      to know each other. Initial gathering of information relevant to the technical and commercial process.
    • 2. Analysis and Classification of Client Needs

      Analysis, classification, and individualised verification of the Client's needs and/or requirements with the aim of developing an appropriate and tailor-made technical solution.
    • 3. Solution Design

      Development of a solution proposal that meets the Client's needs and simultaneously integrates the principles of sustainability in its economic, environmental, and social components. The solution design process includes the proposal of a methodology, planning its execution, and an estimate of the implementation costs. Whenever applicable, BoG may indicate financing mechanisms to the Client that support the costs of implementation.
    • 4. Client Approval

      Solution analysis and approval by the Client. Changes may be made in accordance with feedback, thereby initiating an iterative process.
    • 5. Development and/or Implementation of the Solution

      A kick-off meeting is held to set out the work to be carried out by each party and to establish the project schedule. Execution of work together with the Client, in accordance with the established plan.
    • 6. Validation / Certification

      Analysis of the result/finished product by the Client and internal validation. Changes/adjustments may be made at the Client's discretion. The results/products may also be subject to external validation (e.g., opinion, certification, or other form of assessment).

    Our Team

    At the beginning, we were spread across three different countries and separated by three different time zones and more than 11,000 km… Today, we are based in Portugal, but our eyes and hearts are always open to the rest of the world, and the team is constantly growing!


    Susana Palminha

    Co-Founder & Project Manager

    Our relationship with Susana extends far beyond the birth of BoG, which is why she was such a welcome addition to our team. Susana is a Biophysics Engineer, and her career has taken her to Angola and Cape Verde, where she spent 12 years. These experiences have given her unique perspectives, which only a native of Alentejo that has spent so long on the African continent could attain. She likes to tackle life's problems, or moengas as they say in the Alentejo, by working really hard. At BoG, she is in charge of managing all things technical and commercial. The job is so full on that she decided to get into agriculture in her spare time and, since then, has started her own aromatic herbs company.


    Débora Carneiro

    Co-Founder & Project Manager

    It was Débora that first got us started on this when she said, "Look, what if we started our own company?!” Do you know what that means? That she's always on our case. But it's all built out of love: both for us and for this project. She's an Environmental Engineer and organisation is definitely her strong suit. At BoG, she's our own resident Scrooge McDuck and the one who oversees our finances, although she personally doesn't aspire to fortune herself. There are other more important values which she lives by, and which have already led to many changes. Débora was born in Porto, but her heart remains in Africa, where she longs to return.


    Catarina Mota

    Partner & Project Manager

    Catarina is our firstborn. She got the news about us wanting to hire her whilst she was out trekking, which was a pretty good indication of what we were to expect from her. She has a degree in Biology and a Master's in Economics and Environmental Management and, here at BoG, she never says no to a challenge and every day she looks for opportunities to get us out into the world. As a child she was addicted to puzzles and it's definitely something she'd like to pick up again... but only after her dream trip to India. She is from Arouca in Portugal, and she certainly has a distinctive accent when she speaks Portuguese.


    Francisca Ferreira

    Environmental Engineer

    Francisca is the newest and youngest member of the team. As an Environmental Engineer, she brings a passion for sustainability and a commitment to making a difference. She loves exploring new activities and is a champion of self-teaching. From playing the ukulele, practicing meditation, to crocheting, she is always looking for new "to-dos" and knowledge. At BoG, she tackles the challenges presented to her with determination and a smile on her face.

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