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    H2O Expedition – Discovering the value of water

    BoG / H2O Expedition – Discovering the value of water

    The project

    The “H2O Expedition – Discovering the value of water” project has the aim of educating and raising awareness amongst young people of school age, between the ages of 6 and 10, of various topics associated with the sustainable use of resources through pedagogical and didactic methods that promote active citizenship.

    This goal is pursued through the development and distribution of a teaching materials kit aimed at children, for use in formal or informal educational settings.
    During the initial phase, 100 kits were distributed to 82 schools and 13 study centres/ATLs, reaching a total of 5,883 schoolchildren.

    Enquiries can be made at: expedicao.h2o@bog-ec.pt.

    H2O Expedition
    Discovering the value of water

    The kit enables teachers to work on the theme of water and natural resources and encourages the communication of good environmental practices to younger students, so that they might then become agents of change in their families and in the community.

    The kit consists of a children’s book, a puzzle, a comic, a board game, and a set of activities that are accompanied by learning flash cards that support teachers/educators/parents when conducting activities and explaining the concepts associated with each one.

    Find out more about the kit and all the materials it includes in our Shop.

    Funded by

    The project is delivered through the following actions:


    Design of didactic materials included in the ``H2O Expedition`` kit


    Communication and Dissemination of the Project


    Promoting the Exchange of Experiences within the School Community


    Monitoring and Reporting

    Become a true H2O explorer

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    What is the “H2O Expedition” kit?

    The “H2O Expedition” kit is the result of the “H2O Expedition – Discovering the value of water” project promoted by BoG and funded by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action of Portugal through the Environment Fund. The kit includes a set of educational materials, with which children are able to learn about how important this precious resource is, along with ways to preserve water in their daily lives.

    This kit allows teachers/educators/parents to work on the theme of water and natural resources, to communicate good environmental practices to younger students, and to raise awareness about protecting the environment, so that they might then become agents of change in their families and in the community.

    What topics are covered in the ``H2O Expedition`` kit?

    The “H2O Expedition” kit addresses several water-related themes, including:

    • The distribution of water on the planet,
    • The hydrological cycle,
    • The physico-chemical and organoleptic properties of water,
    • Pollution of water resources,
    • Water quality and tap water safety,
    • Virtual water,
    • Water footprint,
    • Efficient use of water,
    • Problems and challenges associated with the topic of water,
    • Rational use of water,
    • Good practices to save, reduce consumption, and reuse water.

    The topics covered in the “H2O Expedition” kit are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda and aim to promote literacy amongst children and young people by addressing water-related themes and raising awareness of the need to conserve this resource.

    How is the ``H2O Expedition`` kit organized and what does it contain?

    All the teaching materials included in the kit are set out in a simple and engaging format and have been approved for use by the educational authorities. The content is easy to read and is designed to appeal to the target audience. The materials have been created using the same graphical style, which is suited to the target age group.

    The versatility and flexibility of their use enables teachers/educators/parents to adapt them in terms of duration, where they are delivered, and at what time of the day.

    The teaching resources provided in the “H2O Expedition” kit are listed as follows:

    • A children’s book entitled “Á-G-U-A, o que é a água?!” (“W-A-T-E-R, what is water?!”),
    • Music and video,
    • A comic entitled “A água da torneira é boa” (“Tap water is good”),
    • A “Super Cidadão” (“Super Citizen”) puzzle,
    • An “H2O Expedition” board game,
    • Challenges, games, and learning activities,
    • Teaching support sheets for all activities.

    All activities are accompanied by a teacher’s sheet, which provides support to teachers/educators/parents when delivering the activities and explains the concepts associated with each one.

    Where can I purchase the ``H2O Expedition`` kit?

    All materials are available for purchase from our shop. If you represent an institution (a school, school district, learning centre, after-school activities centre/club, etc.), please send an email to: expedicao.h2o@bog-ec.pt.

    What is the target audience of the ``H2O Expedition`` kit?

    The kit is intended for children of school age, between the ages of 6 and 10, who are attending the 1st cycle of primary education in Portugal.

    What settings can the ``H2O Expedition`` kit be used in?

    The resources provided can be used in both formal and informal educational contexts, including classrooms, after-school activity centres, learning centres, and at home, amongst other settings.

    What is the online forum?

    The purpose of the online forum is to provide a platform where teachers, educators, and parents can share experiences, feedback, and ideas. These parties play a key role in both the education of children and in the success of the initiative itself, since they are the ones organising and monitoring the activities. Your experience with the “H2O Expedition” kit is very important. Click here to access the online forum..

    What is the satisfaction survey for?

    The satisfaction survey enables us to assess user satisfaction regarding the teaching materials that have been developed, the behavioural changes noticed in the children doing the activities, as well as any behavioural changes seen in the adults involved.

    Your opinion of the “H2O Expedition” kit is very important. Please note that this survey is completely anonymous and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

    Ask questions, learn more about the project, and share information with others!


    Satisfaction Survey

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