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    H2O Expedition – Discovering the Value of Water

    BoG / H2O Expedition – Discovering the Value of Water
    H<sub>2</sub>O Expedition – Discovering the Value of Water

    H2O Expedition – Discovering the Value of Water


    In line with SDG 6 and SDG 12, the “H2O Expedition” project aims to educate school children to make conscious decisions regarding issues related to water and its use, promoting changes in their behaviour and, consequently, that of their families and community. The project is centred on two main activities: the first being the development of a teaching materials kit designed for use in educational contexts, which is centred on “Atlântico”, a boy who forgets what water is and why it is important. The second focuses on the promotion of actions designed to enable the sharing of experiences within the school community as part of the implementation of the “H2O Expedition” Educational Project.

    As part of the Programme “Supporting a new environmental culture as part of the National Environmental Education Strategy of Portugal (ENEA 2020) – Quality health, water, and sustainable cities and communities” – 2021 Edition, promoted by the Ministry for the Environment and Climate Action of Portugal through the Environmental Fund, BoG developed and presented its application and it was one of 23 applications that was approved out of a total of 78.

    In the first stage of the project, which was funded by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action of Portugal, 100 free editions of the kit were delivered to 82 schools and 13 study/ATL centres. This amounts to a total of 5,883 school children that were covered by the project.


    Environmental Education and Awareness




    September 2021 - November 2021