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    BoG / “H2O Expedition” board game

    “H2O Expedition” board game


    The “H2O Expedition” board game addresses different water-related issues, such as the water cycle and water efficiency, amongst others. It is designed with the purpose of combining a dynamic activity with learning, by exploring it with children in both an educational and a stimulating way.

    The “H2O Expedition” board game was designed to be played anywhere, either indoors or outdoors. The pieces can be assembled to fit the space available and in whichever way is most suitable, enabling you to create different games every time. Children play as their own counters and can play either individually or in teams!

    Recommended age: + 6 years
    No. of Players: 2 or more
    Format: Physical





    • Game Board: 
      • 30 pieces: numbered from 1 to 30
      • 1 piece: starting point
      • 1 piece: finishing point
      • 4 pieces: bonus points
      • 4 pieces: go back points
    • Dice
    • Game Cards (questions, acting, and drawing)

    Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 8 cm

    Minimum Recommended Age: + 6 years

    No. of Players: 2 or more

    Additional information

    Dimensions 24 × 24 × 8 cm


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